11 February 2009

Beautiful White Everywhere

We had a big snow fall last night and everything is covered in white. Beautiful!
I just came back in from running around playing ball with the dogs out in the yard. They love the snow too.
I'll make this quick today as I have a list of errants to run...

New members in WorkFor3Dollars. Like I keep saying, steady growth.

New member today in MyNetWealthTeam also. My downline is now 36 with current earnings at $24.75 .

MyNetWealthTeam is running a couple new cyclers.

The first is a $1 cycler -that's a very low risk and most online marketers will be willing to take that chance.
As they make money through cycling and get re-invested, that $1 keeps on giving.
Now they are also in the $5 cycler, giving higher returns.
Now they cycle through this one, get re-invested and continue earning on that original $5, AND get a position in the main matrix, MyNetWealthTeam.

Here is what I like about this concept.
No matter where you started, be it the $1 cycler or the main MNWT matrix, you will become a part of all system and earn money.
Not only that, but with the way MNWT organizers are putting all this together, the entire membership cycles through all programs continuously creating a nice rollover action and putting money in people's pockets in the bargain.

This is quickly growing to be my favorite program.

And last for today, check out the PushButtonXtreme matrix. You can wait it out if you want or you can bring in new members. I joined because my sponsor is someone that I know and trust.

What I really recommend at this point is MyNetWealthTeam hands down.

Go back to this post: mynetwealthteam-commissions-coming-in
to see the whole earnings breakdown of what you can expect from this.
Really. I mean it.

I told you I would always be honest here.
Well, this is one of those time where I wholeheartedly believe you should get in this one.
ONE time payment, NO monthly fees. $2,000 + return for each $15 spent.


Are You Earning Residual Income Yet?
The Pulsating Matrix

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