07 February 2009

This Is Crazy

The substitute gig is picking up. I've been working all week, which is getting me behind on posting updates here. Ha! Well, that's what weekends are for, right? Catching up?

I hope you read my last couple of posts about MyNetWealthTeam and if not, go back right now and do it. It's a great program. And you know the crazy thing? I've figured out that from now on, I could just keep buying spots down my own matrix and they are all instantly paid for through commissions earnings!

Yes, you read that right. From now on, everytime I buy a new position in my downline, that very new position earns $5.25 and my main position earns $9.75, thus paying for the $15 entry fee. So, any positions bought directly under the main position are instantly paid for and cost me $0.

Not only that, but if I buy under the "second" position, then the $15 is paid for AND I make $9.75 profit. COOL !!!

Yes, I'm a bit of a nerd and love to figure things out like that.

All that to say, MyNetWealthTeam is really a great program. You can't loose, and it's a ONE time payment, meaning no monthly fees to worry about. Check it out for yourself.

The EbizV cycler is making its merry little way. The last number to cycle was 11146, and I am 20141. I check every so often and it is moving along. No worries.

Oh Yes ! PushButtonXtreme is hot right now. Everywhere I look, there it is. I got a couple spillover which pushed me into level 12 of the 2x14 matrix.

This is a cycler. People reaching the top are automatically cycled back through the bottom, pushing people upward. The thing has a life of its own. No recruiting necessary if you just want to get in and wait it out, since people get re-cycled as such, or, you can advertise and help your branch roll over faster (and make the whole program move faster too). Either way.

I joined the Revolutionary Matrix from the link of someone who is already making money. Hoping to get some spillover in the bargain. We'll see.

Also very hot program greatly advertized of late. The founder was #2 (or something like that) on the GDI Leader Board and got this matrix going because he got tired of seeing a few people at the top making all the money while the ones at the bottom got discouraged and quit.

I have not spoken about WorkFor3Dollars in a while it seems. Still going good. New members on a regular basis. Great list builder. And it's only $3.40 for goodness sake -what's not to like?


Ok, folks. That's it for now.
Have a great weekend everyone.

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