28 February 2009

A Case For MyNetWealthTeam

Rather than do my usual updates on various programs today, I'm going to make a case for one particular program:

==> My Net Wealth Team

Why do I like this one so much?

Weeeell... glad you asked! :-)

First, it's only a ONE time $15 payment.
There are no monthly fees to worry about, digging yourself deeper into the red when a program doesn't quite take off like the beautiful splash page tells you it will. You know what I mean.

So, ONE time $15 is a reasonable risk to take, particularly when you see the return, and an easy commitment to make.

Second, you get an automatic 13 positions.
In addition to your main position, you get another 13 positions in the matrix, effectively filling in your first and second levels already. As each new member gets 13 spots, it helps fill the matrix that much quicker.

Trying to fill a matrix one spot at a time takes way too long. Off course, the idea is that you bring in 3 who bring 3 who bring 3 and so on. We all know it seldom works that way. One person will bring more than their share while another won't ever bring even one, and so the matrix slows down and could even come to a complete stop.

With an instant 13 positions per new member, this helps tremendously. And the beauty is that each of those position earns commission, multiplying each member's income by 13 instead of the usual 1.

For example:
This is a 3x8 forced matrix.
I bought my first position: 1+12=13 earning spots.
I quickly brought in 6 people: 6x13=78 spots in the matrix filled already.
With my earnings, I bought a 2nd position, giving me another 13 spots.

My matrix already looks like this:
Main: 1 (me#1)
1st level: 3 (me#1)
2nd level: 9 (me#1)
3rd level: 6 + 1 (me#2) = 7
4th level: 18 + 3 (me #2) = 21
5th level: 54 + 9 (me#2) = 63
Total: 104

AND, don't forget I now personally have 13x2=26 positions earning me commissions, all from that ONE time original $15.

Third, the commissions are substantial.
We are not taking pennies, here, but actual whole dollars. Here's what I mean. Since you have 13 positions, all earning their respective commission, your earnings add up that much quicker.
Each person coming in brings you $9.75, so with only ONE person signing up through your main link, you've made your $15 back.

You buy spot #1 for $15. Through your 13 position, you earn $5.25 back from that $15 -remember, levels 1 and 2 are yours, each earning and sending commission upline to your main spot.
You now bring in your first new member through your main link, creating an instant 13 new positions in your matrix. Those earnings bring you $9.75 through your 13 positions.

Let's add this up:
You buy spot #1: <$15>
Instant earnings: $5.25
Cost of spot #1 is now: <$15> + $5.25 = <$9.75>

One person signs up.
Instant earnings: $9.75
Running total: <$9.75> + $9.75 = $0 !

For a more precise break down of commissions, you can see this previous post:
Commissions Coming In

You have broken even. Anything from now on is all profit !

Fourth, great return for a one time payment.
As the matrix fills, each position will eventually bring in $2,460.
You have 13 positions, so $2,460 x 13 = $31,980.

That's nearly $32,000 return for a one time $15 payment !

Don't know about you, but I for one certainly like these numbers.

Fifth, the BIG One: Cycling and Spillover.
As you earn $30, $100, $150, $200 in your main position, you are required to purchase a new position through the Team #1 Main Link.

This effectively does several things:
- 1. Obviously, it gets you another 13 earning position, with another $32,000 potential.
- 2. Since all these cycling positions are purchased through the Team #1 link, it automatically fills in gaps in the matrix, from the top down.
- 3. This helps those who might have had trouble bringing in members by filling in their matrix and earning them commission, which in turn will help them re-invest, continuing the cycle.
- 4. It insures that there are no forever empty spots in the matrix.
- 5. It keeps the ball rolling with member continually re-investing some of their earnings into the system and supporting other members.
- 6. It keeps a steady flow of earning throughout the entire membership.

So, worst case scenario is that you do purchase a position (giving you 13) in MyNetWealthTeam and just forget about it, never bringing in new members.
Ok. Well, though it might take a while you would eventually do see a return on your $15 from that simple re-investing feature of the program. Guaranteed really.

Off course, that is not what I recommend you do.
To see quicker returns, get your link out and invite others to take part. The quicker you earn, the quicker you re-invest and double and triple your commissions -and help others do the same.

There you have it, my case for MyNetWealthTeam, thanks for letting me share with you.
I am very happy to have found this program.

As I reach the various required re-purchase earning levels, I am happy to do so through the Team #1 link to help others -after all, this is one of the great features of this program and I want to do my part to keep it going.

The positions I purchase of my own choice, however, I do so through my main personal link so as to create spillover for my own team.

I invite you to join us in this great program. You'll be glad you did.

IMPORTANT: make sure sponsor ID#=34970
If not, clear your cookies and click on the link again.

Welcome to the team.
I'm looking forward to earning together.

P.S. I have not even touched on Phase Two of this great program yet !
Take the time to read through the detail page of the site as you sign up.

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