27 February 2009

Cycling and Growing

Downlines are growing, positions are cycling, and things are looking bright. :-)

MyNetWealthTeam has grown nicely and I am about to put in a request for payment.

I have just shot up to level 9 in PushButtonXtreme ! Yeah ! It'll be great to cycle in on this one and see the progression.

10DollarsWonder continues to cycle as well. This might seem to take a little while to get going, but if I understand this correctly, every so many cycles you get automatic new positions, which in turn helps cycle more often and earn on more position... if you follow me.

I bought 1 ad pack so far and will buy another once I've got enough commission to re-purchase.
I advertise MyNetWealthTeam on this one.

Oh, almost forgot, new members on WorkFor3Dollars.
I'm about to go on over to Yuwie and do more networking there.

And speaking of, if you are not familiar with Yuwie, it's a social network site that pays you per views on any of your profile or blog pages, AND any views that you yourself make while surfing the network. So get yourself a page, surf around, and get paid for it. It's fun.

What else? I have not mentioned Ebizv in a while. I checked it today and it's cycling slowly. Will get there eventually. And it's only $2, so I'm not too concerned. It doubles everytime it cycles up to $200, which is very acceptable for a $2 payment.

Well, I think that covers it.

And remember to get your free shares in Me2Everyone.

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