30 November 2011

JustBeenPaid Cycling and New Program

Gotta love this time of year, it's holiday after holiday ... Thanksgiving with family waswonderful, and now only another three weeks to more family and holiday time.

Another great thing is coming back after a few days offline and seeing another cycled position with earnings posted in my account in JustBeenPaid.

I bought a few more JSS-Tripler position to up the daily earnings.

An important strategy to make JBP work for you is you MUST buy the first 2 placements directly under ANY matrix position you have. If you don't, it can take month for that matrix to cycle. The idea is to make them roll over quickly, keeping the earnings rolling as well.

On another topic, you will notice new banners for something called Global Information Network (GIN) both at the top and on the side of this blog.
I have signed up as an affiliate and am currently listening to the various podcast available to my level.
This is tremendous information. I highly encourage you to get in (affiliates are fr-e-e) and start your journey to understanding to a whole new level of earnings.

Cheers everyone-

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