09 December 2011

Increasing Daily Earnings

Woohoo, only a couple weeks before Christmas holidays and family gatherings! Trying to get finished with my shopping before the last minute panic sets in...

JBP - JSS-Tripler: daily earnings are steadily increasing. My favorite program right now! For the moment, I am concentrating on purchasing another JSS-Tripler position each time I accumulate enough daily earnings, which in a couple more days will be every other days.

I've also upgraded several placements in JSS-Tripler to Premium, including some that were initially purchased by someone below me. Doing my best to help these cycle quickly.

GIN - Global Information Network: catching up on listening to the weekly broadcasts and greatly enjoying the information. I've taken pages and pages of notes on one particular conference series (about 13-14 hours worth). Wow. I'll be cleaning up the notes for a good review.

The information contained is priceless. Truly. I've been listening to a lot of podcasts in the last few years and this tops them all.


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