18 November 2011

Upgrading Placements in JBP

Putting a new strategy in place:

At this moment I sit with 13 matrix.
Each is worth $60 once cycling, for a potential of $780 ...

I typically check up on JustBeenPaid every other day or so and buy new JSS-Tripler positions with any earnings showing up.

Today I did something different, in a new approach to hasten the cycling of my matrix positions.

What I did instead is take a look at all my matrix charts to see which is the closest to being filled.
You can do that by clicking on the "order" button to place them in order of "most filled" first.

Looking at this top matrix, I upgraded the last 2 needed position to "premium". This will place this matrix in the priority group as more positions are filled, thus increasing my chances of cycling sooner.

When this matrix cycles, I will receive $60, which will in part go to upgrading more placements in the next matrix and buying more JSS-Tripler positions and so on.

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