29 July 2011

JSS-Tripler Positions Maturing

JustBeenPaid is continuing to be one of my favorite sites to go check in on.
Know why?
Because everytime I get in my back-office, there is more earnings posted, positions are moving closer to maturing -or have matured by the time I get on, and I know the whole things keeps on rolling whether I take a look or not!

I love it!

At this moment, I've got 6 positions due to mature with tomorrow's earnings in JSS-Tripler, for a total of 9 matured positions.

Since for every 4 matured position in JSS-Tripler, 1 spot in JBP main matrix is awarded, of these 9 positions, 8 will instantly go into 2 JBP positions, which in turn will bring $60 each upon maturing.


The plan right now is to increase the daily earnings a few dollars more, then for every 2 new JSS-Tripler positions I buy, I'll take out $5. That way the number of earning positions do continue to grow and my cash out also continues to grow.

I'll let you know when I get to that point.
I am still rolling in the earnings for now, and since 6 more positions are maturing tomorrow, the daily earnings will decrease a little until I make up for the 4 ( I just bought 2 today).

If you are in JBP already (and some of you reading this are) and you are not yet playing along with JSS-Tripler, I encourage you to re-think your reason(s) and take a closer look into it.


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