15 February 2012

News Coming From JustBeenPaid

JBP - JSS-Tripler
There's news from JBP and I have no idea what this means ... hopefully we'll know more soon:

   JSS-Tripler now has 166,874 members -- growing by nearly 3,000 new members a day. Thanks to all our sponsors our viral growth continues. Purchases of JSS-Tripler positions have also hit all-time record highs in recent days.

   We're using some of our funds to grow the breadth of JSS as a company. This will add powerful new income streams. This will soon become very exciting and will also provide our members with great new earning potentials.
   Stay tuned for some thrilling developments!

Meanwhile, I continue to log on every other day and purchase Tripler positions with whatever earnings I have accumulated. I now have 18 matrices -wishing some of them would cycle already, ha!
New Program -
I told you last time I joined a new program ... well, I have not had a chance to really look through the finer details, something I am about to do right now.

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