09 February 2012

.slow And Steady

We've got about a foot and a half snow packed onto the yard right now.
It's awesome and the dogs love it.

Doing the slow and steady thing, tugging along without a hitch. I've gotten all my restart positions that I can tell. I might have to go back and recount to be sure, but I think I'm there. The restart is about 2/3 done from what I read.
I continue to buy new Tripler position with my earnings anytime I log in. I have 18 JSS positions right now too. Whenever more cycle, I'll buy placements and upgrades.

GIN - Global Information Network
I'm listening to a 14 disk set right now anytime I am in the car. Sooo much better than filling your brain with all the negative news being constantly broad casted.
It's very invigorating and I feel very productive and driven lately. I'm waiting on a proof for a new booklet I'm publishing and I'm already well into another 100-150 page books I plan on having out by this summer.

New Program -
I joined a new program yesterday through a friend. I'm pocking around the back office to learn more about it and will add it here soon. Very promising.


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