11 November 2012

Out With The Old In With The New

When nothing works, it means it time for a good old "out with the old, in with the new" philosophy ... so, I've dropped most of the old programs that quite working and I've gotten a few new ones to try out.

ProfitClicking (former JBP)
I sure miss JustBeenPaid - that was the best program I had ever been in. Ever since they moved over to ProfictClicking I cannot access anything in my back office.
I sent in a ticket this morning so let's keep our fingers crossed that this will be resolved soon.

AmazingMoneyMagnet - *NEW*
This one is set up just like the new defunct Wealth4AllTeam.
Ead ad pack purchase cycles 12 times, once every 9 days on the clock.
Ad packs are purchasesed at progressively higher prices, with off course more returns.

I really liked the W4AT format so I am giving this one a try. It's brand new so should be around for a little while - enough to get a nice return anyway.
I've purchased the first 2 ad packs in Level 1.

ExplosiveCashMagnet - *NEW*
Another of those cycling ad packs type, this one cycling every 7 days.
they are still in pre-launch until memberships reaches 1,000. As of the last update, we are slightly over 800 signed up so far.
Once the 1,000 number is achieve, we will be able to fund and purchase positions.

This one is morphing into a whole new program called Primus Hub. Not sure what it's about. Honestly, I have been too busy to spend time reading about it. They are still in the process and nothing is up yet, as far as I can tell. More details when I know more.

Ok, that's it for now.
Happy Veteran's Day everyone.

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