13 November 2012

Updates for ProfitClicking

We're barely into winter and I'm already depressed about the cold ... going to be a long one.

Profit Clicking
Ok, so I figured out how to access Profit Clicking ...
I need to open the site with firefox in order to be able to get into my ewallet, view ad packs and pc panels, referrals, etc. Basically, any backoffice links. However, surfing must be done through InternetExplorer.
Well, glad I figured that one out - and now I can add the banner back.

I did enough surfing tonight to be good for the week and maybe a bit more, so I'm good for a while. This was such an excellent site I'm ready to get it going again.

I've also added my affiliate linkgs for AmazingMoneyMagnetExplosiveCashMagnet and F5M-Millionaire-Club in the viewing rotation.

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