16 November 2012

Hooray For Friday

Thank goodness it's Friday. It's been a bit of a trying week at work and I'm ready for the weekend ... and Thanksgiving with family.

Amazing Money Magnet
My two position in Level 1 just received their first earnings. This is one every 7 days so should be moving regularly.
Payments are 50/50 into ewallet and repurchasing wallet.

Explosive Cash Magnet
The program is now open and running!
Each "orbit" has 10 positions.
Once you've purchased all 10 in one orbit, you can progress to the next orbit.
Each orbit has a lightly higher earning percentage than the previous.

Only glitch is they do not use Payza for payment, so I need to go fund SolidTrustPay before I can get in on the action. Hopefully later on today.

- They have started the Profit Shift which I believe is the equialent of "re-start" in the old "JustBeenPaid" program.
- Daily earnings are on hold until the shift is complete.
- Any ad packs purchased this Nov. with new payment processor money -not what is in your account already- will earn 3% through the rest of Nov., then resort to 2%.

I'm not going to do much of anything until the Shift is done, except maybe surf if I need to to remain elligible for earnings.

Feeling good about these programs.
I've got another I need to post here once I actually go in a read up a little on how to move ... soon.

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