12 October 2012

So, Nothing's Working Right Now

Yep, that's right.
Nothing seems to be working anymore at this time.

JustBeenPaid's new ProfitClicking is a bit complicated still. To be truthful, I have not been on the site much since the change, and havenot been doing my "ad viewing," so I can't really have an intelligent opinion on the program yet.
The few times I did get in the site, I couldn't see the info I wanted about ads, earnings, etc.

Ok, guess I need to get in there and take the time to figure out the site.
Jury still out on this one then.

No payment or cycling since mid Sept.
Not good.

I withdrew all funds a little while back when it became obvious that it was a loosing proposition.
I just logged on to find a "delete account" button but no such luck. Might have to get in touch with admin, though I do expect this one to eventually disappear.

I'm removing all banners... except that I need to swap the JBP with the new ProfitClicking one...

Oh well, let's move on then.
Back soon.


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