06 March 2012

Daily Online Routine

I'm getting my daily online routine down, looking in on the various programs that are working and reading here and there on how to improve my strategies and other relevant information.

A few minutes each morning and I am done for the day. Feels pretty good actually.

JBP - JSS-Tripler
This one is as easy as it gets. Still logging in about every other days to purchase new Tripler positions with current earning. Last time I also had a matrix cycle so I withdrew my 40% in cash, then upgraded more placements to Premium in several matrices. Basically I make sure all (or as much as I can) placements in any of my matrices are at the Premium level.

My next JSS-Tripler positions to mature will be in 16 days (because of last restart) ... that means as more members have their positions mature as well there will be a renewed amount of matrices to cycle.

ZeekRewards  **NEW**
New square banner on the side.
I've been in this one for a couple weeks or so now and getting the hang of it too.
By placing an ad and submitting the ad link you qualify to receive a portion of that day's profit sharing.

I'm good during the week though not always so good on weekends when other activities take precedence. Off course the more consistent you are the quicker your account grows.

Sign up as a Silver or Gold member if interested, so you can start earning. You can sign up as an Affilitate and upgrade later, though if you're going to participate, I suggest going ahead and getting in at the Silver level at least.

More details as I get more acquainted with the program.

F5M-MC - Fortune5Minutes
I'll see if I can find a banner to add for this rather than the link -it looks better and is easier to find. :)

GIN - Global Information Network
I've listened through the entire level I training -a 13 CD set, about 3 times now and moving on to the second training set of another 8 or 9 CDs.
I've been doing this since early December every day in the car. Since listening to this information, I am more focused and productive. I am  more driven to actualize my dreams, and I feel I am taking concrete steps towards that goal.

I published a book called Travel With Me last month and have another 150 pages book due out by the end of April. Awesome!

Invest in yourself. You will look back on this as the best single thing you have ever done for yourself.


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