12 March 2012

Did You Change Your Clocks?

Did you remember to change all your clocks Saturday night?
I thought I did only to jump out of bed this morning when my alarm did not go off ... I had inadvertently changed the alarm and not the time, and somehow the alarm was set for "pm."

 Let's see what's going on this morning.

JBP - JSS-Tripler
Still logging on every other day and now typically buying 2 or 3 Tripler position.
Premium placements are taking 30 to 45 days to fill now. It's definitively slowed down. I can't wait until all these Tripler positions start maturing again and flow into the matrices. Only 10 days more mine.

Did not do so well this weekend in placing my daily ad -starting back this morning.
I typically do not care for programs that require a daily activity, since my whole point of finding earning programs online is to free up my time for other things. Oh well, this is a big earner for friends of mine so I am willing to give it a shot, and once I got how to place the ads, it's no big deal. Takes about 1 minute tops.

F5M-MC - Fortune5Minutes
I did say last time I would go find a banner didn't I? Guess I'll get on that once I post this.

GIN - Global Information Network
I am re-listening to the second set of CDs, only 5 hrs for this one. I noticed last time I was on site that there is a third set, also just a few hours. Will start that one probably by mid-week.
There are also local chapter meetings in my area, so I'll see about attending to meet other like-minded folks. Should be fun!


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