28 November 2008

New Sign-Ups and Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

... or rather, since this is after the fact, I hope your Thanksgiving was happy and fun with family and loved ones.

On another note, there is nothing I like more than to come back to the computer after a few days absences and find that I have new team members who signed up during my time away! Happy sights and happy notification emails. I'll be welcoming these new members in the morning.

Right now I was too excited not to let you know about it.

New members in these 2 programs during the holidays:

1. The great and easy WorkFor3Dollars program, for which you can see the updated lens;

2. The equally easy and financially rewarding Turn $25 Into $75,000 Leveraging System, which you can check out through the title link.

Great news indeed.

Last but not least, the TakeTheGlobe income is also growing without me... :D
I'll post the new stats on that one tomorrow -stay tuned.

Good night to all.

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