24 March 2009

New Powerline

While I was doing my daily surfing over at Bux-Matrix, I came up on this new site I had not seen before.

It's Called: Fast Profit Powerlines

The whole thing is only one single powerline that fills as members sign up. No matrix to fill, and no sponsoring required to earn, though it is in yours and everyone's best interest to get the word out to make the thing move faster. You will still earn even if you do not personally bring in anyone.

What intrigued and interested me is the concept of only ONE line to fill. No matter who brings in whom, that person gets in down the line and everyone above profits.

There are 4 powerlines, each with higher profits as you get further into the program.
You will go through each powerline 4 times, all with re-investment from cycling profits, so there are no further out-of-pocket after the initial upgrade.
You can purchase as many positions as you wish.

I'm getting 3 positions right now. I'll upgrade the first to start in a little while, after I see the line move up. Then I'll get to the others. If this works as it says it does, I'll keep buying more spots.

Do check it out. Read through. If it makes sense to you, then at least lock in your position. Hey, it's FR.E.E, so why not. Get the word out. Keep an eye on your back office and upgrade when you feel it's time to do so. Easy.

==> Fast Profit Powerlines

Any of you playing with squidoo? I have a few lenses that I upgrades every so often. I have fun with it. Here's one I added a few details to of late:


And off course there is the one I did for WorkFor3Dollars -I'm getting very close to a payout, by the way, every exciting. Anyway, here's the lens:


That's it right now. I've got lots of things to get to today, so it's a quick update.

Hey, don't forget to check out the FastProfitPowerline...

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