02 April 2009

Is Spring Finally Coming?

It's a really nice day today, with blue sky and warming sun. Calm before the storm? We're scheduled for another snow dumping this weekend. Spring, spring, when will you be here?

I've been busy lately so not doing the rounds as much, until this morning.

Off course I started with ad viewing over at Bux-Matrix. Got paid twice with them already, with another payment getting close.

10dollarswonder keeps cycling.
I like program like these, don't you? Just get in and forget about it. When you do check in, it's moving along without your help. Yes, definitively like that.

My top program WorkFor3Dollars has slowed down lately, and I've been neglecting it a bit too. I'm going around my various social network site and reviving.
It would certainly work a lot faster is people would simply go get their 3 referrals. 3! That's it! I've personally brought in over 25 myself. Some work it, some sit back and wait for it to happen. Oh well, that's how it goes. I keep working it.

Now for some BIG NEWS!

I've got 116 downline for my 1st position in MyNetWealthTeam. Got my requested payment from them no problem. That's an easy one. One time payment, no monthly fee. Do yourself and your friends a favor.

The makers of MNWT have a new fr.e.e to sign up program: TeamWorkMillionaire

Here how that works.
- Sign up for fre.e into the "directory."
- Every 2 weeks, a link is provided in the backoffice to sign up for a quick $5 forced matrix, in which you receive 4 positions at a time.
- All directory members who wish to can sign up, as many times as they wish, during the next 2 days then the link is removed.
- Two weeks later, the link is posted again and the process repeats.

The great thing about this is first, it's only $5.
Then, you've got hundreds of people signing up instantly, creating spillover.
It does not matter is you end up in the end, as in two weeks it starts again, filling up this same matrix.
Your $5 will bring you $9,000.
You will be fed into a MNWT position somewhere in this cycle, which brings you $32,000.

So this system cost very little ($5), is build through massive sign ups every 2 weeks -basically guaranting you earnings, AND, it will feed into the MNWT matrix, helping fill in on that side.

I strongly suggest you get in both.
MyNetWealthTeam is also cycling members back in -remember, each time a member earns at various levels, they get cycled back to fill in available spots down the matrix.
On top of that, now the TeamWorkMillionaire will also feed into the MNWT matrix.

There has never been a better time to get into this one.

here are the links:
==> MyNetWealthTeam
==> TeamWorkMillionaire

Let's have some fun!

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