25 April 2009

Payments coming in

It's a gray day today. Too bad. It's been such a beautiful week I was looking forward to spending time in the sun this weekend. Oh well, Spring is soon to be here.

Payments have been coming in from some of my most reliable programs.

My favorite is off course WorkFor3Dollars. Got paid once again.
This really is the most steady and reliable programs I've had the good sense to get into. My recommendation -if you are not already in it- is to get yourself a spot asap.
There are very few programs out there that will continue to bring payments over time. Most start off with a bang and burn out quickly. Not so with WF3D.
I expect this one to keep growing for years.

And think about, for a ONE time $3.40, no monthly fees, nothing else to buy, there is very little to risk and lots, lots to gain.

Ok then. Do it. Right now. I'm not kidding!

Next payment received of late if from Bux-Matrix.
This is also a slow building over time, and so easy it's a wonder more people are not doing it instead of pulling their hair out with all these other fancy get-rich overnight promises that only drain their wallet.

Anyway, yes, got paid for the 3rd time. Takes anywhere from 2-5mn every morning, depending on how many new ads were approved. Nothing to it.

Another program showing commission earnings is The Pulsating Matrix.
This one has been so slow to grow I actually considered cancelling it. Now I'm glad I held on a little longer. Commissions are being posted to my account much more often now. If this trend continues, it's going to be a very profitable program indeed.

My advice here is to get in and not sweat the first 4 month or so. If you stay in, you'll see results. You can see instant results off course if you actively bring people in -something I did not do since I concentrate on WF3D and others. However, even if you choose not to promote, it'll be fine overtime. Patience.

I got my spot in TeamWorkMillionaire. Please see last post for details so I don't repeat myself too much. Ha, ha.

Remember, this will feed into MyNetWealthTeam, so get your spot in there too so you can be in line to receive spillover.

And last but not least for today, remember to claim you share in Me2Everyone. When this launches, your free shares will be worth money. And yes, it is all free to sign up too.

That's it then.

- Work From Home -
Steady And Reliable

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