06 May 2009

WorkFor3Dollars Comes Through Again

What a gorgeous day this is going to be! Beautiful skies and bright sun coming right up. It's a bicycle day for sure.

I've got a few quick updates today to share.

First, WorkFor3Dollars comes through once again with new members. I just love this one.

Also, got PAID by The Pulsating Matrix, and I see new commission accumulating already for the next payment.
I'm telling you folks, if you got in and got discouraged, get in again and wait it out. That's what I do and am I glad too. And if you never really thought about it, now is the time. Slow starter and worth the wait.

What else?
Oh yes, got some downline in my Team Work Millionaire from this last round of sign-ups.
Remember, this is a Team link. Everyone signs up from the #1 position and gets channeled down to the next available spot in the matrix. You join for free and every 2 weeks the admin opens up the sign up link.
I got spillover from that last round, which means I am now in position to get my matrix partially filled each time around. This matrix eventually spills into MyNetWealthTeam matrix as well.
Get yourself in both. Over time, lots of return to be made.

Refer to the side bar links for further details on some of these programs.

On a sadder note, I think I will cancell my PushButtonXtreme before the next payment. I know, I know, I was all for it, and my calculations were right: cycling only 4 times in 6 month would put you in profit. Only the whole thing stagnated and has not moved for weeks. Also, I see a lot of previously filled positions in the matrix around me empty out, which makes me wonder if people are not just dropping out.

Ok, can't let all this beautiful sunshine go un-aknowledge... off I go to enjoy it. You do the same!

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