16 May 2009

New Programs with Spillover

School is just about out for the year and summer is certainly in the air.

First, a beautiful new site for WorkFor3Dollars is now up and running. If you have not seen it, hope on over and take a look. Very impressive to say the least.

BIG NEWS for today is the 4x1Fortune program. I joined about a week ago and I already have 3 members in my downline.
This one only takes 6 to cycle, so I am half way there. Also, once you start cycling, it keeps going indefinitively, making this exciting indeed. Also, my upline is an advertising kind of guy, so this is a good line to get in with.

For only a one time $11 payment, it's very much worth it.
Check out the site and read through the information. They do a much better job of laying it out that I could possibly do here. All I have to say is get your position secured asap.

Each cycle pushes you up into the 4 higher matrix, each earning at higher levels. Every time you cycle in any given matrix, you get an automatic re-entry in that level as well as a paid position into the next level, so the thing never stops!

Again, read the details on the program site. It's very well layed out.

The other news is that I just entered the Ez2x2 program today. Don't know too much about it just yet, other than it's another re-entry type cycles, so I'll give it a shot.

Check out the site for now and I'll report more about it in later posts.

TeamWorkMillionaire is currently open for another rounds of team sign-up. Get in for fre-e and play along... and if you miss this round, no worries, just catch the next one.

Every 2 weeks the link is posted for members to sign up. By signing up as a Team under the same #1 link, it all filters downward in orderly fashion, guaranteeing spillover. It's a good way to do this. You get 4 positions for each one you buy, filling up the matrix faster and earning more commissions.
Then the whole thing feeds into MyNetWealthTeam, of which I already have 2 main positions. One position in MNWT gives you 13 positions, each earning commissions (I'm largely in profit in this one).

It's all a good deal.

Here's what I like about this whole set up:
1. ONE time payment, NO monthly fee -that's a big one.
2. All sign ups come in under the same #1 link -that means no gaps in the matrix and spillover for everyone.
3. Team sign ups every 2 weeks -that creates a huge amount of new position every 2 weeks, earning commissions for members and filling the matrix.
4. Steady growth -because members are getting spillover from the system, they do what I am doing right now: telling others about it.

You see, when you get in the TeamWorkMillionaire, I am bringing you in for the Team, not just for myself. I benefit the same way everyone does, by helping the Team grow, meaning more members get new positions every 2 weeks, and more members get paid.

Don't you wish everything was that simple?

Ok then. Plenty for you to check out from the links above.


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