21 March 2009

Payments Coming In

I love this slightly warmer weather we are having of late. Then I can ride the scooter around instead of taking the car. I've gone 50 miles so far on $1.47 worth of gas, and probably have another 20-30 miles or so on that. Pretty cool!

Allright. I've had payments coming in which I thought I'd share with you today.

In the last few days, I received payments from these three:

- My Net Wealth Team
- The Pulsating Matrix
- see Squidoo Lens or to sign up Squidoo fr.ee account
The Pulsating Matrix is starting to grow on me, by the way. I am now seeing commissions appearing in my account from the various pulses
In other news, I dutifully continue surfing with Bux-Matrix and earning for my ad views. I have also received lots of hits on my pages from adverstising with them, though I cannot tell for sure if that converted into membership.

The WorkFor3Dollars matrix is continuing its steady growth with new members.

This is really one I recommend for anyone to seriously take a look.

Only one time $3.40 makes it affordable to all, then all you have to do is find 3 people to do the same and have them repeat the process. Not complicated, really. I have personally brought in 15 people to date.

And don't think it all has to be done online. Don't dismiss the power of off-line marketing. I'm not saying go bother your friends, just share what you are doing and what you will receive in return. I'm sure they have $3.40 they won't mind putting into this once they understand the return.

I am also in 10kMatrix and The Revolutionary Matrix (links in side panel), though honestly, I am not sure if I am going to stay in these two.

Any thoughts? Anyone reading this want to share their experience with either or both of these programs, I'd love to hear it.

The cycler 10DollarsWonder is cycling -good news there. Everytime I check on this one I've cycled another time. Liking it. Completely hands off system. Get in and forget about it.

There is a new splash page for PushButtonXtreme. Go take a look.
- see previous post for details on this program and payments earned.


Good week overall.
Cheers to all.

Are You Earning Residual Income Yet?
The Pulsating Matrix

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